We are a Venture Outfit

We combine our venture building experience with our great insights and the expertise of our community to make things happen. In addition to building ventures, we also host a number of advisory, immersion, and influence programmes for our corporate partners and clients.

What Do We Do?

  • Academy

    Engage in immersive simulations and workshops that enhance your company's management

  • Insights & Reports

    Authentic and well-researched market reports that give you in-depth insights on Southeast Asia

  • Advisory

    Identify right opportunities and make informed decisions through insights and research

  • Ventures

    Building and scaling innovative business models and establishing a presence across the region


Seeing the Unseen:
Behind Chinese Tech Giants Global Venturing

Seeing the Unseen: Behind Chinese Tech Giants’ Global Venturing answers questions behind Chinese tech giants’ global successes and delves into the fascinating world of Chinese logic that shapes how tech leaders make and implement decisions, many of which are seldom seen outside China.

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Our Story

Though we are a venture builder at heart, we currently use our venture experience to provide in-depth insights on the tech and venture ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Our past experiences and insights have culminated in Momentum Academy, where we help corporates and individuals get real-life experience on how to run a startup, innovate and explore different strategies.

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