Most people are able to connect the dots

But they’re limited to the dots on their horizon

How do you expand your horizon and get more dots to connect?

Momentum Academy aims to expand horizons by empowering innovators to be informed, enabled, and connected.

Our individual knowledge and expertise is limited. But with the right people in the right context – we share insights that help you connect more dots, make better decisions and remain relevant

We leverage on our




to navigate you through innovative and disruptive industries,
distilled to meet your organisation’s needs

Actionable & relevant Insights

Access to our insights and knowledge that are read and used by decision makers

A Community like no other

Our ecosystem of founders, investors and corporate leaders that will be part of your journey

Real-world Experience 

We are not a training company, we are a venture builders at heart. We pack our real-world practices into an immersive experience – we think the best way to learn is by being engaged.


Ventures built


Community members



Industry Simulation

The best way to learn is by getting your feet wet. Experience the challenges and nuances of a particular industry through our immersive simulations.


Learn about nuances and latest trends of a particular industry


Meet and interact with real industry practitioners


Experience it yourself – run your own ecommerce/fintech/VC company in our simulation

What they say…

Testimonials from our past clients

I have been blown away by the realism and extent of the interaction that this training has managed to capture, especially given the constraints of it being done entirely virtually

VP, Global Treasury

The real experiences empower rebels to push for change

Head of Business, Malaysia

I’ve never paid attention to these business models before, now having been in their shoes, I can better position my products

SVP, MD & Head of Global Commodities

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