Ecommerce Innovation Simulation

Get hands-on experience on entrepreneurship by developing an innovative ecommerce business model

What is this about?

This programme enables participants to build innovative business models for ecommerce companies by benchmarking the successful and learning from the unsuccessful ones. Within the simulation, participants will work together in teams to ideate, build, and launch an ecommerce product to the market all the way to operate and manage crises.

Set up your company 

Build your product

Go-to market

Manage a crisis

What is a simulation?

Simulations are short 1-5 days programmes where participants get hands-on experience on entrepreneurship by building their own startups. Activities can include but are not limited to business model, strategy, marketing, product development, marketing, branding and PR management, partnerships, investment, crisis management etc. 

Key learnings from the simulation? 

Participants will learn about: 

1. Business Models & Strategy

Business Planning, Business Opportunities Development, Business Requirements Mapping, Innovation Management, Crisis Management, Disruption Management

2. Leadership in the Future World

Leading courageously, Fostering Collaboration, Strategic Thinking, Adaptability, Customer experience, Risk Awareness, Leading courageously

3. Customer Centricity 

User Experience Design, Customer Acquisition Management, Customer Behaviour Analysis, Market Profiling) 

4. The Way we Work

(Creative Thinking, Digital Fluency, Influence, Agile, Communication, Agile, Creative Thinking)

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