Fast Fashion Simulation

Get hands-on experience building and running a business by designing a tech platform for circular fashion

What is this about?

This programme enables participants to experience running and managing a tech platform which aims for sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Within the simulation, participants will work together in teams to complete missions that will guide them from choosing their business model all the way to crisis management.


What is a simulation?

Simulations are short 1-5 days programmes where participants get hands-on experience by building their own startups. The idea of startup simulation is to allow participants to look from the perspective of running businesses from product, marketing, crisis management , PR, HR, and other perspectives.

Key learnings from the simulation?

1. Entrepreneurship
Inculcate entrepreneurship skills that help drive new business ideas, processes, or products in an existing organization.

2. Critical thinking & problem solving
Applying critical thinking and solving real-world business problems.

3. Customer centricity
Identifying potential customer segments, and centering a business around customers, from designing a business model to marketing, all the way to execution.

4. Communications
Managing internal & external communications to customers, potential partners, and even the media.

5. Crisis management
Develop strategic approaches to dealing with crisis and understand the principles of effective crisis communication.

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