Web3 sharing on blockchain, metaverse, NFTs and gamification

How can you use blockchain and gamification to elevate your company?

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Some of the key points from Momentum Academy’s Web3 sharing include:

(1) Many companies are moving to the Metaverse, testing out NFT and gamification applications. Verdict of what will succeed is still out.

(2) Success of use cases are still limited by low user penetration. Majority of the population have not reached “awareness” stage and the recent Web3 scandals does not build “trust” for users to move into applications.

(3) Connectivity is key to making Web3 applications work. We cannot access Web3 without a strong , efficient and trustworthy connection.

(4) Underlying infrastructure is pivotal. Many companies faced rapid digitisation at the expense of network security. With the adoption of Web3, companies have to make up for their current security gaps, and prevent a whole new kind of cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.

(5) If vulnerabilities continue to be exploited – trust will never be earned with consumers which will hinder adoption.

(6) It is a matter of time before use cases become prevalent. Many companies that we know are using Web3 technology day-to-day, many more are testing this under the radar.

This is an area that holds a lot of scandals, but also a lot of opportunities. It depends on how you harness the knowledge.

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