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In this fast-paced life, we find that work is no longer a regular day-to-day activity but more like a sprint. Having to realize that there’s a life at work and life outside work, we want to make sure that everyone is healthy (both physically and mentally), has enough work-life balance, and has the right support that they need.
Starts from gathering insights on the ground up to turn our community’s collective knowledge of investment, tech, startup, and corporate strategies into fresh, thought-provoking, and engaging content. Get access to the best minds and most cutting edge insights about tech and the new economy in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and other emerging markets.


Momentum Works is looking for super interns in market research, marketing & branding, content creation, tech operations, and business implementation. We are flexible with the location of interns – our current batch of interns and new joiners are working from locations as far as Indonesia, China, Mexico, Poland and Germany! Our ex-interns have gone off to join companies like Tesla, PWC, McKinsey, VCs, and investment banks.

Please do note that our interns will rotate in 2 to 4 of the following responsibilities depending on interest and tasks at hand. We arrange tasks and learning by sprints.

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Momentum Works management associate program

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Momentum Works is looking for research analysts to join our ass-kicking Insights team which has churned out unique and outstanding reports that answer the (literally) billion-dollar questions for investors and key corporate decision-makers. (e.g. What is the future for Indonesia ecommerce; will Buy Now Pay Later work in Southeast Asia; Will Shopee disrupt Nubank in Brazil, Who is J&T).

Read some of our reports:

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Momentum Works is looking for a Finance and Admin Generalist who will support the CEO office.

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