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We are overloaded with news and information, but insights are scarce. We need unique insights and critical analysis, not commissioned reports which are merely a compilation of desktop research.

Through our experience, and first hand engagement with practitioners across the Emerging Markets, we would like to introduce our Momentum Works Insights and Reports, covering insights of these key markets, first hand information and Momentum Works’ assessment.

Our Reports

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November 2021

A fresh perspective

November 2021

Fast-growing ecommerce logistics leader, from SEA to China and more

November 2021

Four condensed lessons from leading digital banks

October 2021

Learnings from Brazil’s digital banking highflyer

September 2021

An overview of region’s VC environment and investment trends

September 2021

Landscape and prospect – for international investors and decision makers

August 2021

Landscape and prospect – for international investors and decision makersSoutheast Asia’s ecommerce leader and its prospects in Latin America

August 2021

Social commerce and cross border development

June 2021

Ecommerce ecosystem: payment, logistics, and enablers

March 2021

A broad view of digital banks in Indonesia

January 2021

A mini report of digital lending in the region

January 2021

A broad view of food delivery platforms in the region

August 2020

A broad view of the business environment in the region

January 2020

An overview of Indonesia’s ecommerce ecosystem 2020

June 2019

An overview of Indonesia’s fintech ecosystem 2019

November 2018

An overview of Indonesia’s ecommerce ecosystem 2018












Agosto 2021

El líder del comercio electrónico del Sudeste Asiático, y su futuro en América Latina

Agosto 2021

Líder de comércio eletrônico no Sudeste Asiático, e suas prospecções na América Latina

2021년 8월

동남아의 전자상거래 리더, 그리고 라틴 아메리카에서의 전망