Blooming ecommerce in Indonesia – 3/3

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Social commerce and cross border development.



About this report

Featured company:

Social commerce

Content social commerce: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Storie

Reselling model: RateS, Super, Woobiz

Social group buy: Kitabeli

Community group buy: Chilibeli, Mapan, Shox Rumahan

International case study: Duoyin, Meituan youxuan


Ecommerce is growing rapidly in Indonesia as we’ve covered in our previous Momentum Works Blooming Ecommerce in Indonesia reports.

In our final installment, we focus on the future and potential growth areas in this industry – highlighting the growth potential of social commerce and cross-border development in Indonesia.

We take a closer look into the concentrated ecommerce penetration in Jakarta Metropolitan area and share our perspectives on how big and small players are disrupting these current dynamics, leveraging on the unique social landscape of Indonesia. We then share our takes on different social commerce models, as well as key lessons from international players.

Table of contents:

  1. Highlights and Recap
  2. Social commerce
  3. Content social commerce
  4. Group buying and reseller
  5. International case study
  6. Cross Border development
  7. Conclusions and perspectives

Our reports answer questions such as:

Social commerce:

  1. What is social commerce and why social commerce?
  2. What are the key models of social commerce?
  3. Who are the players and how their strategic choices matter?
  4. What lessons can we draw from international players in social commerce?

Cross border:

  1. What is cross border and why cross border?
  2. What are the different operating models and why they matter?

What’s next:

  1. What’s next for space?