Bubble tea in SEA

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The business behind Southeast Asia’s favorite drink.

Southeast Asia currently spends US$3.66 billion a year on bubble tea and similar ‘new tea’ drinks, according to this study jointly conducted by Momentum Works and qlub (a leading F&B check out solution provider). 

The ‘Bubble Tea in Southeast Asia’ report provides in-depth analyses and insights into the business dynamics behind Southeast Asia’s favourite drink. We have also covered the following questions from industry stakeholders and international investors: 

  • Why is bubble tea so attractive, and is the hype over? 
  • What are the economics behind bubble tea? 
  • What defines a successful bubble tea chain?  How to scale and what is the moat?

List of contents

  1. Rise of bubble tea
  2. Bubble tea landscape & players
  3. What’s the business behind it?
  4. How do key players create a moat?
  5. Conclusion & perspectives

Players featured: Nayuki, HEYTEA, Mixue, Gong cha, Tealive, Chagee, KOI Thé, Street Boba, Each a cup, Chatime, LiHo Tea, Coco, Bubble Tea Station, XIBOBA, R&B, Playmade, ONEZO, CHICHA San Chen, Serenitea, ToCoToCo, Macao Imperial Tea, ChaTraMue, KAMU, Fire Tiger, KOKUMI, ban ban, Milksha, Tiger Sugar, Xing Fu Tang, The Alley