Ecommerce in Indonesia

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An overview of Indonesia’s ecommerce ecosystem 2020.



About this report

This is the updated report of our previous Ecommerce in Indonesia report to accommodate changes of market landscape, infrastructure, and investments

Outline of this report:

  1. Executive Summary
    Momentum Work View’s on Ecommerce landscape
  2. Overview of Indonesia
    Opportunities and risks for Ecommerce players
    Current population and geography aspect
    Current economy & cultural aspect
  3. Overview of Indonesian Ecommerce
    Market growth & distribution of sales
    Indonesia Ecommerce development 2009-2019
  4. Ecommerce Landscape
    Ecommerce ecosystem and competition
    Unconventional players & cross border ecommerce
    B2C market landscape
    B2B market landscape
  5. Infrastructure
    Logistic: supply chain, gateway development, 3PL players
    Payment options & preference
    Regulatory environment: negative investment list & import regulation
    Ecommerce enablers & relevant social media platform
  6. Investments
    Exhibit: VC funding in Indonesia Ecommerce
    VCs funding option
  7. Risks
    Major risks: Political and regulatory
    Exhibit: Getting product into Indonesia
    Major risks: Operational
    Major risks: Currency
  8. MW Insights
  9. Glossary