Fintech in Indonesia

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An overview of Indonesia’s fintech ecosystem 2019



Table of Contents:

  1. Executive Summary
    Momentum Work View’s on Fintech landscape
  2. Overview of Indonesia
    Opportunities and risks for Fintech players
    Current economic and technological aspect
    Bank distribution & penetration in Indonesia
    Financial loan needs VS gap
    Payment culture
  3. Overview of Indonesian Fintech
    Fintech ecosystem and certified players
    Market composition
    Indonesia Fintech Development from 2009-2019
    Regulatory structure & licenses
  4. Payment Systems
    BI regulation toward payment-related services
    License procurement & e-money transactions
    Payment gateway main players
    Exhibit: Doku payment ecosystem
  5. E-wallets
    E-wallet landscape
    Developments and suspended operations
    E-wallet main players
    Exhibit: OVO strategic partnership
  6. P2P Lending
    OJK regulatory environment
    Revoked/suspended P2P registration
    License procurement procedure
    P2P infrastructure & main players
  7. Investment
    Exhibit: VC funding in Indonesia Fintech
  8. Risks
    Major risks: Political and regulatory
    Major risks: Operational
    Major risks: Reputational
    Major risks: Currency
  9. MW Insights
  10. Glossary


– Indonesia’s fintech industry is very competitive but potential is still highly unrealised

– P2P lending and payments are the leading verticals comprising 69% of the Fintech landscape

– High unbanked population (51%) and large number of underserved SMEs are credit constrained; finance gap of $77.2 billion serves as a potential for fintech to step in

– Investments and consolidations expected to happen in the highly fragmented market

– Investors and startups need to account for moderate to high risks due volatile and increasingly strict regulatory environment as well as weakened Rupiah

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