Food delivery platforms in Southeast Asia 2022

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An overview of Southeast Asia food delivery platforms.



The food delivery sector in Southeast Asia has continued to grow from the all-time high in 2020, with a GMV growth rate of 30% in 2021, reaching US$15.5 billion.

In Momentum Works’ second annual “Food Delivery Platforms in Southeast Asia” report, we covered the following key questions from industry stakeholders and international investors:

What happened in 2021? Numbers, growth, trends, adaptation of the ecosystem, on the ground insights etc.

Key players’ strategies, expansion into groceries, and path to profitability (or is it attainable)?

What can we learn from global food delivery development?

What’s next?

Platforms covered: Grab, Foodpanda, Gojek, ShopeeFood, LINE MAN, Deliveroo, Robinhood, Baemin, AirAsia Food

List of contents:

  1. Introduction & recap
  2. Recap of 2020 report
  3. What happened in 2021
  4. 2021 market size and growth numbers in all 6 major markets in SEA
  5. 2021 performance and market share of key players in SEA
  6. Key trends in 2021
  7. How consumers, merchants, and government adapt and leverage the delivery infrastructure
  8. Cloud kitchen development
  9. Key players and strategies
  10. Different strategies of key players to approach food delivery
  11. Key players in Southeast Asia
  12. Different strategies of key players and their approach to live commerce
  13. Strengths and challenges of key players
  14. How other players differentiate to carve out specific segments
  15. Why is every major platform pushing aggressively into grocery delivery
  16. Key takeaways from global development
  17. Learnings from US and China development
  18. Conclusions and perspectives
  19. Future paths for the market and players