Food delivery platforms in Southeast Asia 2023

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Southeast Asia’s food delivery sector endured strong headwinds in 2022, as offline reopened, and investors demanded profitability. The sector YoY GMV growth in 2022 was a modest 5% (to US$16.3 billion).

To better understand the current landscape in the region, we are unveiling Momentum Work’s 3rd annual Food Delivery Platforms in Southeast Asia report. 

Some key topics discussed include:

  • Total food delivery platform GMV in Southeast Asia grew at a modest 5% year on year, reaching US$16.3 billion

  • Smaller markets grew while larger ones contracted; Grab extended market share leadership

  • In the tough capital environment, cash is king

  • Profitability is decidedly the top focus for most players

  • Revenue expansion: advertising, subscription and increasingly restaurant solutions

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