[Event Deck] Tech in 2023

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The consensus is that, after the dramatic tech meltdown last year, 2023 will be a year of recession.


However, how does that mean for investors, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators? How should we make 2023 a good year for the tech ecosystem?


Momentum Works and 01VC hosted an exclusive discussion on 8 February, where we shared our perspectives about 2023.

This is the presentation used by Jianggan Li, CEO of Momentum Works, during the session.

The presentation consists of four major sections:

  1. Are elephants bigger than rhinos?
  2. What’s happening closer to home?
  3. The investment narrative for SEA
  4. Building great companies – the bottom line 


Some key topics discussed during the presentation include: 

  • Stock performance of selected major ecommerce platforms, FY 2022


  • Putting the the collapse of FTX into perspective


  • Which companies are tech investors looking at?


  • Pinduoduo’s relentless focus on efficiency


If you’re curious to know about Momentum Works and how we can help you, reach out to us at [email protected].