[Event Deck] Shopee’s turbulent 2022

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Throughout 2022, many in our community have asked us whether Shopee‘s business model sustainable, is TikTok Shop a formidable foe, if Shopee’s issues are a sign of what’s to come for the wider ecosystem – and how can they plan out their ecommerce strategies.

Momentum Academy hosted a candid discussion titled “Off the Record: Shopee’s turbulent 2022”  where we deep-dived into Shopee’s business model, their latest Q3 2022 results and increasing competition from players like Lazada and TikTok Shop.

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • Shopee’s rough 2022: Since the beginning of 2022, Shopee’s share price dropped significantly and they pulled out of several markets in Europe.


  • Shopee in Poland – Out of all the markets in Europe, Shopee only remains in Poland now. They made inroads in the region with their involuted shopping festivals and localization.


  • Increasing competition: TikTok has been aggressively focusing on ecommerce in Southeast Asia, having expanded to 6 countries in Southeast Asia in 2022.


  • Shopee’s focus on logistics has increased its moat


  • What to expect in 2023? Macro outlook and our perspective about Shopee for 2023 – from the leadership, product and strategy perspective.


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