[Event Deck] SEA Investments 2023

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2022 was the turning point for global tech investment. Startups and big techs were laying off people, and cutting down costs across all areas.


Were we facing a doomsday for tech? Not really, or at least not yet, in Southeast Asia: in 2022 US$10.4 billion was invested in the region’s tech ecosystem, down from US$14.2 billion a year prior – according to the “Southeast Asia Tech Investment 2022” report.


This was the 3rd strongest year on record for Southeast Asia. Compared to other emerging markets including India, Middle East and Latin America, Southeast Asia’s tech scene appeared to be slower to rise and perhaps slower to fall?


Are we seeing a downturn or a hard landing? Have priorities changed for the region’s tech investors and companies? How should investors and corporate decision makers react to the changing landscape? And are there more opportunities out there or have we hit a plateau?


Momentum Works and Cento Ventures hosted an online sharing session entitled “On stranger tides: Southeast Asia Tech Investment in 2023 ” to give you the inside perspective on trends in tech investment, and what to expect for the rest of 2023 as well as the next five years.


Cento Ventures’ Dmitry Levit and Momentum Works’s Jianggan Li hosted the sharing in four chapters:

1. What turning point has arrived in 2022?

2. Is Southeast Asia’s tech ecosystem on the way to collapse as we are led to believe?

3. Who has been proven right after years of ridicule and being half forgotten?

4. What are the new rules of the game going to be?