Rise of Digital Banks in Indonesia

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A broad view of digital banks in Indonesia.



About this Report

Focus: Jenius (BTPN), Digibank (DBS), TMRW (UOB), BCA Digital (BCA), Nyala (OCBC), PermataMe (Permata Bank), Danamon, Jago (Gojek)

Featured: Seabank (Sea), BNC (Akulaku)

Digital banks in Indonesia is one of the key battleground space which we at Momentum Works are watching closely in 2021.

The digital banking scene has been heating up in Indonesia. The opportunities are obvious and timely, driven by development of fintech and regulations, as well as the inherent gap of unmet needs within conventional banking.

In this report, we cut through the noise in the market and share our insights on Indonesia digital bank play by answering the following key questions:

  1. What is digital bank, how does it differ from online banking?
  2. How can digital banks carve out economic values, at the back of conventional bank’s prominence?
  3. How has Indonesia digital banking scene developed over the years?
  4. What are the governing bodies and policies, what does it mean for international investors wanting to make entry?
  5. Who are the key players and incoming players to watch?
  6. 4 dimensions users look for in digital banks and how each player perform?
  7. What are Momentum Works’ perspectives on Indonesia Digital banking play?

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background & opportunityBanking online ≠ Digital bankConventional banking leaves huge gap of unmet needs
    Social development & Covid-19 have accelerated digitalisation at scale
    Digital banks primed to realise the value of financial inclusion success
  3. Development
    2020 sees accelerated development, tech players enter
  4. Policies & regulations
    Players need licences from both BI and OJK to operate digital banking services
  5. Growth & competitive landscape
    2020 sees steady industry growth, with rapidly changing competitive dynamics
    Indonesia added 3 million new users in 2020, with Jenius leading
    Comparison of services by different digital banks vs conventional banks
    Dissecting leading players: Strengths, Weaknesses, Focus
    How are key players meeting consumer expectations
  6. Conclusion & perspectives
    Highlights & Key facts
    Conclusion & Perspectives