Shopee in Poland

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Does Shopee stand a chance in Poland, the fulfillment hub of Europe?



Less than a year after establishing itself in Spain, France and Poland during the pandemic, Shopee withdrew from the Spanish and French markets – leaving it standing only in Poland.

However, does Shopee stand a chance in Poland, the fulfillment hub of Europe? It faces intense competition in Poland’s US$22.4b ecommerce market, including from players such as Amazon, AliExpress and publicly listed homegrown champion Allegro.

We deep dive into the ecommerce market in Poland and Europe – the dynamics, strategies, intensifying competition, and the role of Shopee in the ecosystem. This report explores:

  • Where does Shopee fit in with the Polish and European ecommerce landscape?
  • What is the ecommerce ecosystem in Europe – from logistics to payments and competition?
  • Can Shopee be a real competitor to Allegro?
  • Shopee largely copied its Southeast Asia playbook to Europe – But does the same flywheel spin in Poland?
  • What is the future of Shopee in Poland – Will it turn out differently than Shopee in France and Spain?

We cover these and other questions in our new Momentum Works’ report, “Shopee in Poland: The ecommerce hub of Europe”

List of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Ecommerce in Poland
  3. Main marketplaces
  4. Shopee
  5. Springboard for Europe
  6. Conclusions & perspectives

Players featured: Allegro, AliExpress, Amazon, OLX, Vinted, Empik,, InPost, DPD, Pocztex, DHL, GLS, Blik, PayU, and more.