Southeast Asia & Latin America: Learning the digital emerging markets playbook

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Learning the digital emerging markets playbook



A recurring discussion we have been having with tech investors, founders, and corporate decision-makers this year is the booming tech scene in both Southeast Asia & Latin America.

Both regions are seeing tech booming. Grab & NuBank, the largest tech unicorn in Southeast Asia and Latin America respectively, have gone public in December 2021 at very similar valuations. Yet the pathways have been very different across various sectors and only recently converging.

In collaboration with Cento Ventures, we are releasing Southeast Asia & Latin America – learning digital emerging markets playbooks report.

This report compares the two regions from the points of view of investment flow, development pathways, tech infrastructure, and upcoming convergence.

List of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Macro overview and investment flows
  3. Development pathways
    Multi-vertical platforms
    Digital banking
    Car marketplaces
    Global expansion
  4. Conclusion and perspectives
    Working theory of how selected sectors shape up the way they are today
    How it will pan out in the future

Featured in this report:

– Multi-vertical platforms: Grab, Gojek, Rappi

– Ecommerce: Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, Mercado Libre

– Logistics: Ninja Van, Flash Express, Loggi

– Payment: Promptpay, PayNow, Pix, CoDi, UPI, Netsunion

– Digital financial services & digital banking: Seamoney, Grab Financial group, Goto Financial, Nubank, Ualá, Stori

– Car marketplaces: Carro, Carsome, Kavak