Southeast Asia tech Investment 2021

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An overview of region’s VC environment and investment trends



2021 saw a surge of tech investments in Southeast Asia – $14.2 billion capital was invested in the region, a 70% growth compared to 2020.

In Cento Ventures’ Southeast Asia Tech Investments – 2021 report, we’ve analyzed tech investments in the region according to sectors, countries, capital invested and other factors.

The major aspects we have covered in the report are:

  1. Tech investments in Southeast Asia for 2021: What were the trends we saw in tech investments in 2021? What was the reason behind the $14.2 billion investment in Southeast Asia?
  2. Investment trends by sectors and countries: Which sectors and countries received the highest investments in Southeast Asia? What was the difference between last year and this year?
  3. Exit strategies and trends: We saw a few high-profile public listings in 2021, but did investors gain any returns? Did they get enough money back to invest in other projects?
  4. Potential future and challenges: What are the trends we can expect to see in 2022? How will the investment landscape change in Southeast Asia?