Used car platforms in Southeast Asia

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An overview on the used car market in Southeast Asia.



About this Report

The used car market in Southeast Asia is growing fast, however, the market and the region is still underdeveloped. In such market conditions, different players have emerged to deal with the supply and demand of cars using different digital solutions. We analyse the evolution of the used car market in Southeast Asia in comparison with the sales of new cars to provide context and we evaluate the different strategies of player using transactional platforms.

Table of Contents:

  1. The used car market in Southeast Asia
    Detailed analysis on the current market landscape in Southeast Asia
  2. Elements of the used car journey
    Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different platforms
    Break-down of which platforms dominate the current market
  3. Development and challenges of the used car market
    Market evolution in terms of the relationship between used cars and new cars
  4. The evolution of the car digital ecosystem
    Changes in dominant business model, and implications of such changes
    Case studies of Carvana, Beepi and Guazi
    Overview of acquired funding by emerging players, namely Carro and Carsome
  5. Strategies of the most-funded competitors
    Outlining of the strategies implemented by the different players
    Summary of their total funding
  6. Resilience in times of crisis (Covid-19)
    How the market reacts to market shocks, and why it is less affected
    Ways to add value through online channels during a crisis
  7. Conclusions and final remarks