Who is J&T?

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Fast-growing ecommerce logistics leader, from SEA to China and more.



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J&T Express, SF Express, ZTO Express, Yunda Express, YTO Express, Best Express, STO Express


J&T Express, founded in 2015, rose to become the top ecommerce express logistics player in Southeast Asia in four years’ time. In 2020, it made entry into China, disrupting the logistics scene famously dubbed ‘the reddest red ocean’ and took 10 months to achieve a daily volume of 20 million parcels.

Today, it has made forays beyond its Asian core, into Latin America, the Middle East, and more.

With its string of rapid expansions, J&T’s strategy and success factors are still mysterious to many.

In this report, we answer key questions from international investors and practitioners:

  1. What are J&T’s success factors in Southeast Asia and China?
  2. What are they planning to do in Latam, Middle East and globally?
  3. J&T has been burning cash, is it sustainable eventually?
  4. What are some of the potential challenges?
  5. Will J&T become the next UPS or FedEx of the ecommerce age?

Table of contents:

  1. Who is J&T: growth and global presence
  2. The company: founders, investors and OPPO
  3. How did it win: Key success factors
  4. What’s next