Who is SHEIN?

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Featured companies:

SHEIN, ZARA, Lightinthebox, Jollychic, Club Factory, Shopee


Over the last few years, SHEIN, a mysterious Chinese cross border ecommerce company focused on fast fashion, has grown into a global phenomenon. Shipping to more than 150 countries across the world, SHEIN’s revenue is reported to have surpassed US$20 billion in 2021, and catching up fast with Zara and H&M, the forerunners of fast fashion. 

Aside from aggressive and catchy marketing, SHEIN’s other key attractiveness to consumers is the ability to list more than 1000 new designs every day. Their “small order, quick reorder’ mechanism, coupled with trust and system built into its garment factory suppliers, enabled this vast selection, while minimized inventory and wastage. 

In this report, we will answer key questions from international investors: 

  1. What are SHEIN’s competitive advantages?
  2. Can SHEIN be replicated and overtaken?
  3. Will SHEIN transition from a retailer to a marketplace?

Table of contents:

  1. Who is SHEIN?
  2. Market landscape
  3. How did SHEIN win?
  4. Conclusion & perspectives