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The Momentum Works team includes many individuals with a variety of experiences.

Meet our team

  • Jianggan Li

    Founder and CEO

    Prior to founding Momentum Works, Jianggan co-founded Easy Taxi in Asia, and served as the Managing Director of Foodpanda. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a degree in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.

  • Yorlin Ng


    Though she studied actuarial science, Yorlin went on to work with big names in the banking industry such as MAS, HSBC, and AXA, before realizing her love for operations and management. She now heads Momentum Academy and leads Business Development and Operations for all of Momentum Works' business areas.

  • Crystal Yu

    Senior Analyst

    Crystal used to work in the entertainment industry in China and was actually a live commerce seller (which is one of the many reasons behind her expertise in e-commerce). She loves hip-hop dance and is fluent in Korean. She takes on any challenge thrown at her and excels in it.

  • Saniya R

    Senior Analyst

    From being an astrophysicist to now our go-to Web3 guide, Saniya's career trajectory has taken quite a turn (for the better, of course). She's a part-time sailor and can tell you the best locations in Singapore to go star-gazing. She's also currently building Momentum works' DAO.

  • Nanette Litya

    Regional Business Development Manager

    Lovingly referred to as Momentum Works' mascot, Nanette's bubbly and charming character can win anyone over. She helped Momentum Works launch ventures in Indonesia and is also our in-house Indonesia expert. She managed and organized a tour for senior Indonesian government delegates to Wuzhen, China.

  • Vion Yau

    Head of Insights

    Apart from being in charge of MW's reports, Vion is also the Head of the Introverts Club. Surprisingly, Vion loves people watching and hanging out in the office. Though you'll never get a hug from Vion, she is always up for a round of karaoke.

  • Julia Ciaciek

    Corporate Strategy

    Having come to Singapore to do a Masters in Management, Julia started out as an intern at MW and now handles Corporate Strategy for the company. She is very dedicated about sustainability and even has her own sustainability startup called Kupaa.

  • Ada Jia

    VP, Investment

    With an illustrious career in investment, Ada moved to Singapore to lead Momentum Works' financial advisory arm. Not just investment, Ada is a certified aromatherapist and loves to collect singing bowls.

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