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We are a venture outfit

Headquartered in Singapore, Momentum Works builds, scales and manages tech ventures across the emerging world.

We combine real insights, solid experience and a great community to make things happen. In addition to building ventures, we also host a number of advisory, immersion, and influence programmes for our corporate partners and clients.

Connecting the dots through insights and stories

Over the years, we have been asked a lot of questions about the big Chinese tech companies: Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance / TikTok, Meituan, Didi, J&T, SHEIN… the list goes on.

Some of these companies are making their presence felt outside China too – and increasingly, global venturing has become a key priority for many of them. But who are these “Chinese tech companies”? How do they make decisions? Can they succeed in their global venturing? Should we be welcoming, or worried?

Momentum Works’ CEO, Jianggan Li, and Guoli Chen, Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, have put together their insights, analyses and stories on Chinese tech companies and their global expansion into a book – Seeing the Unseen: Behind Chinese Tech Giants’ Global Venturing.

Pre-order your copy now: https://www.amazon.com/Seeing-Unseen-Behind-Chinese-Venturing/dp/1119885833/

Global expertise and community

With team members across the globe and 500+ community members across all emerging markets, spanning more than 30 countries, this is a powerhouse of international experience and knowledge

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Momentum Academy - Enabling leadership, mentorship, and corporate training

Engage in immersive simulations and workshops that enhance your company’s management

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Authentic and well-researched market reports that give you in-depth insights on Southeast Asia


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Momentum Works - building ventures

Building and scaling innovative business models and establishing a presence across the region

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    Seeing the unseen – behind Chinese tech giants’ global venturing

    “Seeing the unseen – behind Chinese tech giants’ global venturing” analyzes experiences, challenges and lessons learnt by Chinese tech companies.

    Pre-order the book on Amazon now.

    Momentum Academy – 01VC: Who is Shein?

    We deep dive into the market logic behind Shein, and how they grew to a $100 billion valuation. We also look at the macro logic of the cross border ecommerce environment, not just in Southeast Asia but across the globe.

    Join us on 2 September between 3-4pm SGT to understand more about Shein and how the cross border ecosystem is evolving.

    Momentum Academy: Web 3 – The inevitable next step?

    Web3 – The inevitable next step? will give you insights and perspectives on why so many people are jumping into the bandwagon of Web3 and what’s so great about it.